Brunswick Senior Resources is actively involved with the creation and affiliation of projects that bring senior living-style housing to Brunswick County Residents. BSRI seeks to create a county-wide spectrum of housing options that range from luxurious to traditional affordable housing. There are only a few ways to make senior housing available and affordable. BSRI specifically engages in the following methods to achieve those ends:

    1. Privately Financed Senior Living Communities: Partnering with capital investment groups and developers, BSRI helps to develop comprehensive plans to integrate programs and services as part of privately financed senior living developments. By increasing the market share of building smarter, age-focused communities, BSRI applies free market principles with the hope of stabilizing rents for seniors as the supply of senior apartments increases. Every privately financed development project with which BSRI is partnered includes a limited number of apartments that are rented at a reduced rate to allow for those that need housing at lower price points.
    2. Tax Credit Financed Housing: BSRI also partners with Tax Credit Financed developers to bring traditional, subsidized housing projects that are limited to seniors. Tax Credit Financed developments have income verification requirements and specific rules that govern availability and waitlist requirements. 

Where do I get more information about current housing opportunities and waitlist information? 

If you would like more information or to join an interest list, please contact Susan West at swest@bsrinc.org or call  910-754-9846 ex. 1019.