Attention: The BSRI Senior Centers will reopen for programs and congregate lunch serving on June 7th. Recommended guidelines proposed by the NC Governor's Executive Orders for indoor gatherings will be administered. Face coverings will not be required. However, BSRI does encourage program participants to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 or opt to wear a protective mask. You may visit or call the public health line at (910) 253-2339 to schedule a vaccination appointment.

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Are you at risk for Type 2 Diabetes? YMCA is offering virtual classes online. Please contact Bridget Carroll at 910-251-9622 ext. 273 for more information!
Are you a SNAP participant? Do you have an MVP card from Food Lion? Are you interested in receiving $40 a month for fruits and vegetables? If so, enroll in the Healthy Helping Program by calling the number below in the flyer!   Spring 2020 Articles What You Need To Know About Coronavirus   Winter 2019 Articles Social Network May Help Women Live Longer Controlling Sweet and Salty Cravings Vitamin K Benefits for Older Adults Ultra-Processed Food Linked to Lower Heart Health

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